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Ceramic Stone Facade Claddings Systems

Ceramic Stone Facade Claddings Systems

Ceramic stone facade claddings can be used in a wide range of projects. Ceramic tiles are an ideal solution for both new and renovated buildings. Ceramic tiles come on a variety of surfaces. Since ceramics are a designed natural product, ceramic manufacturers can offer different variations for each panel. It is often displayed in a consistent solid color.

Ceramic stone facades are suitable for nearly all property types and sizes, these ceramic pieces provide the façade with a series of properties such as Low water absorption, High mechanical resistance, Colour uniformity and Resistance to weather and environmental changes as well as rejuvenation of the building outer layer with any desired look and effect.

We at Technik have special fixing systems (Z-Bracket, L-Bracket, M-Bracket, Load Bearing Angle & Restraint, Channels, and Up-down Angle systems) that were designed and manufactured in house to provide the maximum safety & flexibility for any type of ceramics, and we partnered with the premium ceramics manufacturers worldwide to supply our customers the highest quality with an unmatched warranty.
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