Whether requested or not, we, at Technik Engineering, carry out a design check for every new installation incident. A new incident can be as simple as a wider than usual cavity behind the façade material and can be as complex as an outward inclined stone on a roof parapet. We design every case to ensure it’s a safe and reliable installation that will withstand the forces of nature for the lifetime of the building.

Using the latest engineering software such as SAP2000, STAAD PRO and others, we ensure safety and compliance to the project specifications and the local building codes. We warrant our systems as a reassurance to our customers. We complement our designs with full project submittals including material certificates, test reports, previous projects approvals and testimonials.


Our passion to provide our customers with engineered products, drives us to ensure those products are correctly installed and inspected on site. This is why our field engineers are constantly on the road from project to project ensuring our customers install the systems correctly and raise their concerns and ideas directly to us. We sell our products directly to end users and only in the markets where we have physical presence to ensure this commitment is always satisfied.

Our continuous contact with our clients ensures first hand feedback, driving product innovation, development and providing unmatched knowledge to the company.


As part of our customer services, our technicians are readily available to train our customer’s skilled labour on the safe and effective installation of our systems. We believe this to be a highly critical matter since a small error in installation can lead to major failures that threaten lives.

Training include but are not limited to :

  • Positioning & aligning the fixing system so that the number of fixing points per panel is achieved with no compromise.
  • Use of the right electrical tools that ensure the façade materials’ physical properties are not compromised when drilling or cutting.
  • Tightening bolts and nuts to the right torque to ensure they will never be loose due to the constant vibration generated by wind and other live loads.
  • Through our affiliate sister companies, we recommend the right tools to use for every job and demonstrate such uses during the training.
  • Use of laser and other measuring systems to ensure proper alignment of panels that in turn ensures the fixing system works as per the design and the buildings’ look neat and professional.


Every product is quality checked as it departs our production facilities. Yet a fixing product is as good as it is installed.  This is the reason we provide site inspections upon our clients’ request. We check that installations are in accordance with our designs, that the base material anchors achieve the designated load capacity using certified pull out testers, we check bolt torqueing randomly and do physical counts of fixing points per area ensuring that it matches with our project design.