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Stainless Steel Cladding systems

Stainless Steel Cladding systems

The most common materials used for stone cladding on modern commercial developments are stainless steel. Of course, has been used extensively in architectural design for decades, principally because of its combined benefits of corrosion resistance and appealing aesthetics.
When stainless steel is used as a cladding material it will stay looking as good as the day it was installed, without the need for ongoing maintenance. It is these benefits that are driving innovation and as a result, stainless steel cladding is now available in a much wider range of patterns and textures.
We at Technik Jordan considered the stainless steel system as one of the best practices for stone cladding fixing systems. And the following are some stainless steel system examples we use in our company in Jordan:

  1. Z-Bracket system: Most economical solution for medium and large stone And can be used for vertical and inclined applications.
  2. L-Bracket system: Designed for small air cavities from (20-50) mm. and it is the ideal solution for light-duty applications.
  3. M-Bracket system: Covers medium to large cavities (30 – 130) mm. also, designed to support ceiling stone slabs (overhead stone).
  4. Load Bearing Angle & Restraint system: Most economical solution for small stone sizes. Also, Can be used with non-load-bearing walls such as solid blocks. And Serves a wide cavity range (20-200) mm Three dimensional flexibility of adjustment.
  5. Channels system: The solution for fastening on steel structure elements or non-load bearing walls, Allows for building vertical movements. Also, Saves a lot of time because There are fewer anchoring points, The stainless steel structure is assembled easily and Quick fitting of natural stone slabs.
  6. Up-down Angle system: Offers speed and ease of installation and Allows for future maintenance easily.