Ventilated Façade or Double skin façade consists of two layers (Insulation & Cladding material) separated by an air chamber that works like a chimney to allow air circulation (Ventilation), this will help improve the heat insulation which will improve HVAC System efficiency.

Framing System Light (TEC-FSL-ALU), developed by Technik Engineering Industries, represents an advanced mechanical cladding solution. Constructed primarily from aluminum, this framing system is characterized by its lightweight design, ease of installation, reliability, safety and ease of future maintenance.

This system is designed for lightweight cladding materials, specifically designed for FRONTEK Ceramic panels, FAVETON Terracotta panels and other similarly shaped materials.

Features and applications

  • Wind, thermal and moisture Protection.
  • Simple, time saving installation.
  • Highly durable aluminum and stainless steel materials
  • Easy Maintenance and replacement of broken panels.
  • Suitable for small to Large cavities up to 400mm possible


  • Most of the system components are made of Aluminum to resist atmospheric corrosion and provide a lifetime fixing solution for mechanical stone cladding.
  • The Porcelain clip is made of AISI 304 stainless steel (A2). For highly corrosive environments, the clip can be manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel (A4).

Surfaces to which the facade can be anchored may consist of standardized materials (e.g. concrete, brick, steel, timber, etc.) or non-standardized materials. Surface layers such as rendering, coatings or facings do not count as load-bearing materials.

The following are suitable base materials:

  • Concrete in accordance with EN 206
  • Bricks in accordance with EN 771
  • Concrete Block Grade A or B with minimum compressive strength of 5N/mm2
  • Sand-lime block in accordance with EN 771
  • Aerated concrete in accordance with EN 771
  • Steel frame structures in accordance with EN 1090
  • Existing / unclassified masonry (load-bearing capacity must be verified by pull-out tests)

Base material

mechanical cladding base material


mechanical cladding insulation


mechanical cladding holder set


mechanical cladding restraints

T-section channel

mechanical cladding t channel


mechanical cladding porcelain clip

Cladding material

mechanical cladding cladding material porcelain

For special sizes of Restraint Anchors please contact your Technical Sales Representative.

Upper Clip - Technik

upper clip 3d technik

Standard Clip

standard clip technik

Base Clip

base clip technik


mechanical cladding fixation holder technik


Mechanical cladding fixation - Technik


mechanical cladding fixation t channel technik

Self Screw

stainless steel hex washer head self driller technik


Anchor mechanical fixation technik