This Interlocking concealed system, is designed by Technik Engineering Industries to enable easy installation of thin panels without the need for edge slitting or drilling. By fitting this support system to the back of the cladding panels, it enables large panel installation such as Equitone and Swiss pearl fiber cement panels as well as large format porcelain tiles while being fully concealed from view through the joints, enabling an aesthetic, modern look of the façade system.

TEC-CON-ALU comprises two interlocking brackets, one of which is fixed to the back of the façade panel using undercut anchors while the other is fixed to the supporting structure.

Features and applications

  • Wind, thermal and moisture Protection.
  • Simple, time saving installation.
  • Concealed from view through the panel joints
  • Highly durable aluminum and stainless steel materials
  • Easy Maintenance and replacement of broken panels.
  • Suitable for small to Large cavities up to 400mm

Concealed stone veneer system

Concealed system for stone veneer

For special sizes of Restraint Anchors please contact your Technical Sales Representative.

Interlock bracket

interlock bracket technik

Interlock channel

interlock channel technik

Keep nut anchor

keep nut01 blackwhite


screw mechanical concealed cladding system technik blackwhite

Self driller screw

stainless steel hex washer head self driller technik